February 14, 2011

Bat Wings

Bat Wings
PDF Pattern
Wing span 30” – 42”
 by: thecharlotteletters

OK, moms of boys who want Bat wings, here is your chance to make them for Free.

I used the latest Batman Baterang (minus the head) for the shape of the wings.

 Tape up a card board hanger cover and you've got yourself a "Baterang".

Bat Wings PDF Pattern is found Here

Happy sewing,

P.S. If you make some I would LOVE to see.


The Modern Lady - Beth Hawks said...

These are so cute! This pattern is definitely going in my save pile for when I have kids :) lol

Shay said...

This is so cute-I am going to make it for my nephews!

Anonymous said...
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Mary said...

Thank so much for this pattern. I made it for my little one an it made him so happy. You can see it here: http://craftytuts.com/bat-wings/